Past Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2015 recipients


Home University: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Major: Business Administration ‘17
Studying In: Copenhagen, Denmark & Hong Kong

Over the course of the next year, Karina Gonzalez-Sanchez’s cultural fluency and adaptability will be tested as she bikes the streets of Denmark and navigates between the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. The premiere GLOBE program (Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education) will push her to be voluntarily vulnerable and teach her empathy, as she participates in case competitions within European and Asian companies, for the benefit of international clients. The competencies gained and relationships formed from the experience will inform her aspirations of working internationally in the area of technology and social welfare. Karina says, “I’m hoping that by being exposed to multiple perspectives early in my career, I’ll find a creative way to accomplish my projects and promote peace.”


ruth howell

Home University: University of Southern California
Major: Classics ‘17
Studying In: Galway, Ireland

Studying classics and film at USC, Ruth Howell admits studying abroad initially seemed an extraneous excursion. As a future filmmaker, L.A. is the ideal location. Her opinion changed in the last year. She confesses, “Staying in the same city my whole life restricts my world view.” Aspiring to address social just issues, she understands a broadened perspective will only enhance her ability to create stories that powerfully inform and influence the international dialogues on the topics of LGBT and women’s rights. Ruth contends, “A good storyteller must create and inhabit characters with varied experiences and beliefs; social justice is similarly tied to empathy and respect for everyone, despite differences.” The lessons learned in these differences during her time abroad are what will be translated in Ruth’s films


kathryn lyle

Home University: Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Major: Women’s Studies and Psychology ‘17
Studying In: Jaipur, India

Documenting the voice of women will be the focus Kathryn Lyle’s semester abroad. She will undertake fieldwork, researching Indian women’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. Understanding the intersections of economic class, household politics, the current political climate regarding reproductive rights, and religion with these experiences will inform Kathryn’s cross cultural ideology of feminism. “After graduation, I plan to become a certified nurse-midwife and work for a feminist health clinic that empowers women to have control over their own bodies and places maternal decision-making back into the hands of laboring mothers instead of medical institutions.” Kathryn is committed to empowering and advancing women at home and abroad.


amanda ramsing-lund

Home University: University of Vermont 
Major: Environmental Studies 17
Studying In: Maun, Botswana

For Amanda Ramsing-Lund, studying ecological health and conservation with the Round River Conservation Studies organization is a dream study abroad program, a hands-on experiential learning and research opportunity without duplicability on her campus. She is certain that the program will further shape and clarify the direction of her interdisciplinary professional future. She is particularly keen to gain a new perspective on environmental issues and conservation approaches, based on the influence of the native cultural, an instrumental component in any international conservation work. “At this point in my personal and academic career, studying conservation science abroad promises to be the culmination of all that I have learned about myself and the studies closest to my heart,” says Amanda.